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Dave R

I'm looking forward to not having to type '.typepad' when next I encounter a strange computer.

And d'mind those other sites aswell: Soon all they'll be is some crappy search page you get with links to viagra and porn after you misspell the address of the site you really want to get to.

Although, I have to admit, as far as this site is concerned, I'm only in it for the mohney. Ha-hah! 'Only in it for the mohney'. Chris! Chris?!? I'm only in it for the 'Mohney'! The 'money!' Ha ha ha ha!

John M. Hicks

          I'll bet he's Mohning, now! None of us in Birmingham were ever educated enough to make that pun! Does anyone type addresses in anymore? I'm a clipboard jockey. If I can't highlight it somewhere and ctrl-c/ctrl-v it, I'm not going there. Unless I'm in Chicago on a Mac.


chris m

Aheheheh. Yes, very amusing you rascals, making sport of my last name and all. Why, next you'll be transposing it into the title of a cover song performed by that scamp Billy Idol. The humor! The ribaldry! The humor and the ribaldry, and the power and the glory.

Anyway, I'm still rassling with the Network Solutions beast. It's a briar patch in thar.

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