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chris m

I reckon I was asking for that ..

John M. Hicks

But... I seem to recall that this drink promised in the same neighborhood of unhealthy stats as a doughnut! Does this mean, that not only does one poison oneself similarly, but that the thing is basically a flat, instant shake? Gad, I've had enough shake-base no-syrup milkshakes already! (Micky D's milkshakes come to mind... Yuck!)

Carbs are our friends, people! Wheat is the ORIGINAL CARB SOURCE! It made civilization possible. Screw Atkins! HE DIED! Get it? My dad is older than him, still building furniture, and smoked three packs a day for 60 years, and still drinks 8-10 alcholic drinks a day!

Diets come and go, but good taste never goes out of style. You'd think the folks at KK would know that!


John M. Hicks

                It is a dark day for sugar bingers! And has typepad imunized itself against my HTML paragraph indents? Or is it bad-typing day, too?


John M. Hicks

                Ah! Forgot the spaces!



It all started to head to hell when I could buy KKs at the local gas station. I don't want a KK that has moved more than four yards from its birthplace.


Sorry, pal -- you can't blame Atkins for this one. The 20 oz. double chocolate version of this monstrosity has 740 calories and 160 grams of carbs -- emphatically NOT Atkins compatible.

Nope, the KK people bear all the responsibility for this one. Thanks for the review!

chris m

KK donuts sold at non-KK venues are not to be trusted... I've seen specimens at convenience stores -- supposedly "Delivered Fresh Daily" -- that looked less like KK product and more like embalmed organs scavenged from canopic jars.

As to Atkins culpability, it's not that this drink is meant for Atkins drones. It's that the generalized Atkins assault upon KK has forced them to try harebrained schemes like this. And if the bad times progress and my local KK closes, I'll buy up all that unused, high-carb donut dust and surreptitiously sprinkle it on every Atkins entree I see.


Great writing!

However, is this truly the worst drink idea known to man? Consider:



Chris, man, I think your reporting on Soylent Kreme might have touched off some warning bells inside the federal government. Details are still sketchy, but the long knives might be unsheathed here:


chris m

Well, I suppose their financial troubles are shock to no one. But if KK disintegrates as a result, I'll be forced to go bankrupt purchasing my own Krispy Kreme donut machine, just to keep my personal donut supply intact.

John M. Hicks

                It's another one of those accounting fraud deals. It became so widespread in the 1990s that most US companies are just an independent audit away from indictments. A few trials, a goat will be found and might spend a few months in minimum security, and they re-capitalize and go on. Enrons are the exception, not the rule. See, Healthsouth is still merrily overcharging the crap out of us, and Mr. Scrushy will not spend one day in jail, I'll bet... After all, dozens of loyal Scrushy flunkies have gladly sacrificed themselves to the blunt, rusted sawblade of the US Justice Department!



I actually work at Krispy Kreme, and those drinks are good, the original kreme is kind of on the sweet side, but all the other ones are good.

chris m

Well, I respect your service to the land of donuts, Paly, but I must disagree. Sweet is not a problem for me, while powdery, acrid chemical-ly taste, is. But maybe you can use your KK korporate konnections to find out what's actually in the powder. That would go a long way to reassuring the public I think.

Furry Fury

Hi there!

This week the kids and I finally tried these things.

The special reason, ironically, for this was the kids' good dental cleanings and check ups!

The kids got perfect reports and beforehand we had decided on rewards and consequences for good and bad check ups. My daughter wanted to try the “drinkable donut” at Kristy Kream. That sounded good to my son as well. So off we went!

KK doesn’t have a really close store to our location so we had a bit of a drive. That may be a blessing in disguise since we LOVE their donuts so much!

My daughter got the double chocolate and my son the original. I tasted both. Then ordered two-dozen donuts to go! One dozen plain glazed, and one mixed with four chocolate covered for my son, four cream filled chocolate covered for my daughter, and four cream filled plain glazed for me.

( I swear those last are almost as good as sex! And almost as messy!)

I thought both drinks were good but the original was the best.

My son kept drinking a sip and saying “Wow!” his eyes' rolling back in his head, over and over.

Other comments from my eleven-year-old son were;

“It’s like taking a ride on a whipped cream train!”

“It’s like drinking liquid sugar!”

“Wow! Wow! Wow!”

My daughter was not quite as vocal but she liked it too.

I’m guess that you Sir got a badly mixed one and after all with no whipped cream, well, that is just a travesty! What is the point if there is no whipped cream? I am constantly surprised when baristas ask me if I want whipped cream OF COURSE! I want every last sugary whipped thing that can come my way! Doesn’t everybody? Or is that just me?

Furry Fury

chris m

Impossible. Since they are just ice blended with powder, they can't be mixed badly (or goodly). Of course, it would have been better with whipped cream, but so would a cup o' chipped ice. Stick with the donuts, as those are the proper KK sacrament.

Justan Kinsel

i think its bull shit


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Naomi Reynolds

Please open a kristy kreme doughnut at Wyandotte County in Kansas City kansas at the Village West

Enrique Bana

Thanks for your request, Naomi. We will have a KK franchise open at your requested location by the end of the month.

chris m

God damn, Ms. Chen, but I'm glad you contacted me. I need several dozen dismembered human body parts shrink-wrapped and vacuum-packed for international shipment. Can you help me? They're starting to stink and the police keep asking questions. As for the new Krispy Kreme in Wyandotte County, I'm afraid that's a no-go. We here at the KK home office have a strick no-Kansas-City policy due to our allegiance to Mephis barbecue. Sorry ma'am.


Hey let's go get another drinkable donut!

On the surface that's just wrong. It must be for the 600lb'er that has gotten to lazy to chew. Next McDonalds will come out with the drinakble quarter pounder.


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what is the freak special doughnut

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