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Enrique Bana

I understand Thai restaurants in Alabama have very stringent hiring standards. Kudos to Mats for his (albeit brief) step up in life.




Chris, that is some fine, luxurious hair.

John M. Hicks

          Those photos were a blast from the past! Many of the folk pictured now sponsor big beer guts. As do I. Some folks wonder why American cars aren't popular anymore. If two cross-country trips can kill one, it's no wonder it's a Toyo-zan-da-Mer-BMW world these days...


chris m

Enrique, I have INS on the other line, something about a Mr. "Sam House"? transferring...

Don't fret, Chet. Ha! Chetfret! Just be glad those photos hadn't faded to sepia due to age.

Karsten, you should see some of the hair-shots in my other photos. Including your hair. I shall take great pleasure showing you and the wifey a few choice pics this weekend ...

John, those photos are hazy, but I don't think you know any of the pictured people ... other than Chet and myself and the aforementioned Magoo, they're all Sugar La La people. What misty presence from the past did you detect?

John M. Hicks

          Well, what the heck, I'll blame it on my bifocals. It seemed that:

A: The sideburned dude in the white T-shirt on the right was Mr. Palindrome, and perhaps (I know I'm going to catch some shit for this one...) the guy leaning over (also on the right) with head stuck out did resemble another Mohney other than your esteemed self... I need to stop drinking Irish whiskey on my off-mornings!


chris m

Mmm, or perhaps more whiskey would do the trick. No Palindrom nor elder Mohney I'm afraid ... just more band scum. Good ol' band scum! How I miss them.


Holy pits of despair, Batman! Somewhere or another, I've got those negatives. Unfortunately, as you have now outed said photos, I guess I'm not going to make any money off you when you run for office. Dang.

chris m

On the contrary, I will be the one making money off you. You may have the negatives, but I prefer to accentuate the positive.

Friend of Mats

Thought you'd be glad to know that you heard wrong about Mats Roden: He DID have a stroke awhile back, but thankfully survived and is still living in Birmingham.

chris m

Really! That's great to hear, in the still-alive sense (sorry to hear about the stroke). Please let Mats know that I was and remain a big fan of his music, and consider my slavish attendance of La Las shows to be a highlight of my misspent youth.

David Kilmer

I'm the guy with the glasses in the white tee shirt (band scum! indeed!) on the right. I was the keyboardist/second guitar. I am not surprised that I have no recollection of this incident whatsoever. You'd think a car-threatening Hellgate opening up in a parking lot in Tuscaloosa would have made an impression, but those were heady heady times and the bizarre became commonplace to the point where it stopped being filed by the synapses (observed, processed and sent straight to the shredder).

Mats continues to write and produce here in Birmingham, despite having lost the use of his right side. I hadn't seen or heard from him in two years, until yesterday when I got a message from him about some studio work. Carole's bakery and restaurant are close by and extraordinarily successful. She still pops up and sings periodically, always to the betterment to whoever's on the receiving end.

Thanks for the, uh, memory.



i was trying to remember the best concert i ever saw and did an internet search for "sugar la las". I saw one set in a large bar in birmingham 1993ish. The place was packed. Someone was recording it on a camcorder. There was a huge fan base. They opened with "over the rainbow", dropped blood on the cute and petite leadsinger from the rafters, and transitioned smoothly into ACDC's "back in black". I was stunned and amazed, wondering if they could keep it up for a whole set. They did not disappoint, as I was entertained so far beyond my ability to feel that i was numb within an hour. I was saddened as the night wore on, knowing that i would never have such a great evening again. Their skill was far beyond typical. Somebody has a good video of it.

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Lovely stuff, and I agree about 'you just can't stop' as the one to have, although I have never been able to cope with this name nonsense, so far as I'm concerned they'll always just be 'The Beat'.


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