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John M. Hicks

You must have a really nice graphics system. My 64 meg GForce and 800x600 only showed about half of the closeups, with no resize option on the window...

60 horsepower isn't so bad. At least you wouldn't have teenagers flipping SUV's across Interstate medians on a weekly basis like we do here!


chris m

Welllllll .... of course, I do have a hot pig of a machine (it's a Mac, after all). But I'm going to try and figure out a way to better manage those popups. I wish to avoid acquiring new knowledge at all costs, but it appears I must re-learn a little HTML after all. Until I can add scrollbars to the popups, just stand up and peer into and over the bottom edge of your screen. It's just like looking out a window.

John M. Hicks

I'm just lazy. I could have "right-clicked/save as"'ed, then opened it with a photo editor and resized it. Internet Explorer 6 used to resize photos automatically, but apparently that was a security risk that has since been patched. We wouldn't want those hackers messing with the pictures we look at, nosiree! But they still turn "install on demand" on by default. Hackers can't resize your pictures, but it's no problem to MS for them to install Backorifice or Subseven on your system!


chris m

scrollbars added! Also put everything in a table, which I know is inelegant and clumsy according to HTML fascists. And while that made it easier to separate all these pics consistently, it also plunked this giant white space after the first few grafs. Unfrozen Caveman Blogger fears your strange and mysterious web software.

John M. Hicks

Ah, excellent. Now I can see the emperor's tennis racquet and cigarettes! The new "maximize" icons helped as much as anything... And you are not a caveman! I am running Windows 98 on an old 486, so I should receive that title!




I'm writing from a production company based in Sydney, Australia (Becker Entertainment) and am trying to find an email address or contact number for the Manchuria Daily News or an affiliate of this paper.

Are you able to help me?

We need to clear an article that we wish to use in a Film Australia documentary. The article appeared in the Manchuria Daily News in the 1920s.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Tommi Ojanpera

For some odd reason I'm endlessly fascinated by the dying days of the Qing dynasty and the persistent bumbling of its last emperor. So, after giddily examining the pictures above, I was wondering, if it's at all possible, would you be able to post even bigger and better scans somewhere, or perhaps e-mail them to me directly...? I know, that's one mofo of a request, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. I'd mostly be interested in the photos of the emperor and his wife and the accompanying text.

Just a thought,
thanks all the same.


Jo Ingram

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Your comments were very witty. Can't imagine that Torgsin was rolling in money from that ad. I enjoy the old ads and propaganda. Thanks for sharing that. J.I.

Scott Hayes

I have a copy of this publication. Long story of it getting to Oregon...

The 100 pages are in pretty good shape. I especially like the German Zepplin advertisement.

I'd like to get mine appraised and donated to some museum who gives a s**t. You have any ideas?

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